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Originally Posted by 88 PS190 View Post
So for slalom speed is speed - ie its time and distance - you don't adjust for current and when you talk about using paddlewheel you used to have to do a speed adjust to get true boat speed up/down stream.

wake sports and trick skiing are different as they're speed over water - which I find easier to just adjust based on rider request. IE - doesn't take me too much time at all to arrow up/down a .1 mph if the rider wants it - it is irritating to pull someone through a course and have them say it felt slow or fast and then have to adjust the setting so the thing thinks its running up or down.
Wake and Trick should be just fine, I haven’t seen any complaints on speed using a SG (other than being too fast at the gates). Ver 9 has attempted to correct that I hear. It does come down to personal preference. Technically, a trick pass is 20 seconds and begins when the skier begins their first trick past a designated course marker buoy. If a tricker or boarder wants it sped up or slowed down due to wind conditions, it's their choice, but the speed will be what you dial in because it is GPS controlled. Like most slalom skiers and jumpers, I hate tailwinds and struggle to run passes...

Jump is a different animal altogether because when you have a switch, the boat accelerates or decelerates based on when the mapped jump course determines the jumper will be pulling against the boat.

The ZBox helps as well, just not for those that ski a B2 setting, which is as close to a 'typical' strength slalom pull. It rids you of needing magnets in the course and mimic ZeroOff.

The A B and C settings adjust the system response out of the buoy and the 1 2 and 3 adjust how aggressive it will be.

I personally like the B2 on a SG or a ZO... I have a neighbor that likes A1... I prefer that extra zip @ the buoy.
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Sorry ya my answer is just about river current.

Wake and trick and surf the impact of the speed of the water between up/down current can make the board feel way different. Sketchy if too fast, bogged down if too slow. So if you're going one way and the rider thinks its too slow they can just signal faster no big whoop.

When you jump you only jump one way so presumably you would have dialed in your speed control to the current flow of your jump course and mapped it - and jump was all RPM before now its all GPS - doesn't matter there.

Its in slalom where up/down current passes you just have to deal with the different feel, you can't ask for the boat to go 36 mph one way and 34 mph the other, when you dealt with RPM based speed controls in current and a paddlewheel one way you'd ski 38 and the other 36 on the screen but the time through the course would remain the same and GPS cruise makes that way better because
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perfect pass

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