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Old 02-13-2013, 09:23 PM
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Guide to Dial In a Surf Wake

Please comment on this draft, I'll update as we go. The goal is to help each other shorten the time it takes to dial in a surf wake on various boats. Once you fine tune your surf wake, please post the configuration, ballast location and weight, speed/rpm, location and approx weight of human ballast.

If you already have the perfect dialled in boat, post the numbers, I'll add them to the TT member recommendations section of the document. All members all MC boats welcome to collaborate. If I'm successful writing this guide, we'll be done by July 1st and i'll start the next guide which is Best Practices and Boaters Etiquette For Surfers.

Here is the process to help dial in a surf wake.

Between each test, observe the wake after waiting a few seconds. Maintain the same speed /rpms for the tests. Take notes between the tests, length of the pocket, ease of push height of wave, lip and other useful comparable characteristics.

Test 1. Baseline no water ballast, just human ballast, everybody to the back corner you want to surf. Get three or four friends to help. Use a medium sized board, with someone that can stay up and validate the push and pocket size. You could use a string to measure the pocket. Use duct tape to mark where they place their feet on the board so that can stay consistent as well.

Test 2. Move put one person up front in the bow, get them to sit where you'd put the sac.

Test 3. Then fill the rear surf side ballast 100%, Everybody Stay Seated Same Place (esssp)

Test 4. Then fill the KGB 50% (esssp)

Test 5. KGB 100% (esssp)

Test 6. Fill opposite surf side 50% (esssp)

Test 7. Add the sac to the rear locker surf side and fill it 50%(esssp)

Test 8. Fill rear locker surf side sac 100% (esssp)

Test 9. Fill opposite surf side rear locker 75%

Test 10-15. Have people move around one at a time to various locations in the boat, stay seated for 30 seconds, then the surfer perform the tests.

Test 16-20. Everybody back to their original seated spot, then fill that spare sac, put it under the bench surf side fill it 50%, test, 100%. Move a few people around same sequence as test 10-15.

Test 21-24. Fill the under bench to 100%

Test 25-35. Vary the RPM's/MPH and rerun tests where you found good results. I'd try the first test at 10.5mph ...

Test 36-45. Try moving more weight to the bow.

By following above, you should be able to find what your looking for... For the record, I'm naming this test plan the Twister Simon Says Surf Plan.

I'll clean up the steps test goals and specific techniques for measuring the wake once I add it to a PDF. Looking for suggestions and comments on all accounts.
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