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Old 07-20-2018, 06:54 PM
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Tower Spotting/Pitting?

Has anyone ever seen this before and if so how do I clean/fix/get rid of it. When I purchased the boat from the dealership last fall the tower was fine. Then when I picked it up beginning of June this year after they stored it for me I noticed all these marks on the tower, was told it was just hard water spotting as they had cleaned it a few days before and there was a big wind storm so it had gotten dirty and dried like that, although a damp rag wouldnít wipe it off. In my haste to get my new boat on the water I said fine Iíll just get some cleaner and do it myself, tried a couple different aluminum polishes and nothing. Contacted the dealer a couple weeks ago and they will look at it but not until the fall, which Iím fine with as it doesnít affect anything but my MCOCD.
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