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Old 12-03-2018, 10:29 PM
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Long-term storage advice

I'm looking for some advice on long term storage of my 08 CSX 220 Saltwater Series. I'm in the military and just got orders to Japan. for 3 years. I know the smart thing to do would be to sell, but here in Hawaii inboards aren't that popular and honestly I just would rather keep it (military is going to move it to California and store it for me).

I have winterized a few boats, but only for a few months since I have usually been in southern states, so I'm looking for any other advise on what I can do to keep it as nice as possible (anything on the vinyl? drain or treat the gas? Treat the cover?)

A few points that might answer some questions. I don't know if they will let me shrink wrap it once it gets there, I don't know if its indoors or out, I don't know if they will let me have someone start it every once in a while.

2007 CSX 220.
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Old 12-03-2018, 11:35 PM
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303 to death both the cover and vinyl
drain fuel completely
fog everything very well.
silicon spray down every piece of metal you can find.
grease all zerks

i'm sure others will join in as well this is just what i'm thinking of off the top of my head.
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Old 12-04-2018, 09:20 AM
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Ship it to Pensacola, FL and I help out a shipmate. I'll take real good care of it, keep it running proper.
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Old 12-04-2018, 09:55 AM
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I wouldn't bother trying to start it periodically. I'd just try to preserve and wrap it. I'd remove the batteries and sell them or give them away. Buy new trailer tires as soon as you return too. Change all the fluids and you can even over fill the trans and v drive. I've heard of filling engines full of oil but a lot of fogging oil is probably fine. I'd just replace the spark plugs when you return. I'd also want to put something inside to keep critters out. I'd also grease the ends of the steering cable as much as possible. Sometimes they seize when boats sit.

Of course selling it and investing the cash for 3 years also makes sense.

I may be leaving the country for 1-2 years and can't decide what to keep or sell either.
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Old 12-04-2018, 10:56 AM
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I agree with draining the fuel, but I would give it a heavy dose of fuel storage treatment first, then run the engine, then drain tank.

Id mark battery cables and remove battery(s). Buy new ones when ready to put back in service.

Complete winterizing, as well as id likely run quality marine/RV winterizinf antifreeze through the raw water system. .

Id shrink wrap or put a poly tarp over the entire boat (over standard cover) for better protection.
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Old 12-04-2018, 11:18 AM
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Thank you for your service.

As you state, smartest move is selling her now as the hassle factor and costs can exceed the value to keeping her many times. If you are long-term career military, then this might even be more important given your likely lifetime mobility.

OTOH, everyone on this board can appreciate wanting to keep her, especially if your lifetime priority will be to stay on or near the ocean in any hemisphere. Moving her to Cali is a good idea which gives you optionality to sell her to a wider market if in the future you want to pull the plug.

If you go this route, as stated above, do the full pickle. Double duty winterization with all new fluids, full anti-freeze in raw water system, pull batteries, some might say fill fuel tank plus stabilizer and then dump it completely on return (cuts down on evaporative condensation), new tires/battery/fuel/rubber on recommission, full fog, anti-corrosion block spray (T-9 or other), heavy 303 vinyl and canvas, full wash and wax, full shrink wrap plus indoor or covered storage if you can pull it off. The more anal retentive the better as you are literally just pickling her for 3+ years and can have higher expectations that she will be ship shape upon return.

Note that sun/salt/moisture are perhaps way bigger enemies than cold, so even in a warm climate the winterization fluids and full wrap are your best protection against corrosion both internally and externally.
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Old 12-04-2018, 11:19 AM
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If you store it on the trailer on concrete, put carpet under the tires. Concrete draws the moisture out of tires and can make them dry-rot faster.

Agree with the idea of removing the batteries. Also suggest keeping some form of lubrication on all the impellers (engine and ballast, if applicable), or just replace them when you get back. I would strongly suggest indoor heated storage. Freezing is not ideal on fiberglass. It is not the end of the world, but I feel boats appearance stays better if they never freeze.

Keeping the critters out will be important. Can you shrink wrap the entire boat?
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Old 12-04-2018, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by maxpower220 View Post
Ship it to Pensacola, FL and I help out a shipmate. I'll take real good care of it, keep it running proper.
LOL, seriously though that might not be a bad option...

My opinion
If I didn't know the conditions of storage I would be selling. Military isn't going to take care of your crap(nice 2008 22). They aren't going to lookout for it if the cover rips in the first year, or critters pop a hole in the top and make a 3 year home for themselves....I would say either give it to someone you know will put eyes on like 1-2 times a month or sell it and invest every penny you can (or want) into a fund for a new boat when you come back. As noted above it's going to be a bit of work leaving it for 3 years and then worrying about it all the time.

Other option.
Leave the boat in storage in unknown conditions (possibly outdoor with plenty of possible moisture to get into it), You bet that thing better have storage insurance for a few bucks a month, plus the fees for storage if the base you are storing on is charging you (my base is like $320 a year outdoor for up to 30'), all the prep time,de-storaging work time and costs. I had my 2003 18' four winns stored in my garage during my 6 month deployment then had to leave it all winter since I came back early november. oil change, new gas, plugs, distro cap and rotor. Had a big ol' oily stain on the back seat when it had to be winterized by some marina because the wife didn't want to do it after using it once during the summer right after I left. BLah BLah bLAHHH...I ended up buying a 2003 X80 after all that before even launching the four winns. Sold it to the brother in law after fixing the issues I found. Could have sold it before I left and saved like $1000 over the 6 month deployment.

Depending on how the situation turns out you could sell it and save on the headache of worrying about it and also on the maintenance/storage/insurance/lost value. 3 years of that could end up being a couple grand plus the lost gains if you just invested for short term 3 years the cash from the sale. Maybe i'm just weird with no sentimental values.
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Old 12-04-2018, 12:15 PM
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Honestly you should sell it. You can always buy another and letting a boat sit for three years is going to be very hard on it. I know you don't want to but boats are boats and three years is a long time for something to be sitting and not used.
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Old 12-04-2018, 01:17 PM
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Sell it. Three more years of depreciation whether it's being used or not and significant cost to bring it back to life after sitting for three years (assuming it's only three) is a pretty big hit on a sailor's salary (I know, I was a sailor at one point).

Good luck with whatever decision you do make and enjoy Japan!
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