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Old 01-12-2013, 11:15 AM
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My first MC was an 02 X Star that I bought used for 37.5k. I owned it for 5 years and did all my own service, which amounted to only oil change/winterization and replaced the starter (my fault, I got it wet). I traded it in on my 2012 X-2 for 26k. That boat did almost everything I wanted (a little cramped with multiple passengers and not good in rough water). It cost me $2300 a year. I understand that boats are a lot more complicated and have a lot more bells and whistles than mine did, but really, the only whiz bang thing my new boat has over my old (not counting the different hull) is the attitude plate and auto launch.

I spent 70k on my new boat, which I feel is a rediculous amount of money. My decision to buy new was to keep the boat for 10+ years. The under warranty part was just added piece of mind, although I nievely expected to never have any real issues, and have to make maybe 1 trip to the dealer (the only reason my 1st MC ever went to the dealer was to trade it in). What I have found is that for me the warranty is more of a burden. I have to spend 3-4 hours of my time hauling the boat to the dealer, wait 1-2 weeks for them to fix what I could do in 4 hours, and then spend 3-4 more hours going back to pick it up. Also, don't forget about the $200 in gas that I don't get reimbursed for.

The new boat market is what it is. It's not what I thought it is, and it's not for me. Maybe I bought new on a bad year and I got one of the boats with more problems than normal for that year, but for the price of a new boat, I don't want to risk it again. I hopefully won't have to buy a new boat again, I just want the one I did buy to stop having to go into the dealer. From now on, I'll let others take the new boats and the new boat depreciation and work all of the bugs out for me. I'm scared to ask what my 70k boat that has an ugly one off year tower and a one off year control system is worth.

Back to the original topic of the thread, no one's really spoke up about 2013 issues, so that's good news. Although there probably aren't too many out there with any sort of hours accumulated yet.
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