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Old 04-26-2010, 01:47 PM
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Residential Windows

We just closed on our new (to us) house (neighborhood is right on the river we have a ramp and boat slips). One pressing issue with the house is the windows. The house was built in 68 and the windows are original. We are going to have them replaced and I'm looking for any comments/suggestions. I think we want white vinyl that are Energy Efficient. I know Pella and Anderson offer deals and you can go to Lowes/Home Depot as well. I'm not looking to break the bank as I need about 20 windows and one is a big bay window.

Thx ahead of time.
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Old 04-26-2010, 02:01 PM
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When we rehab'd my sister's entire house here in the Chicago burbs, we replaced all the windows with Marvin windows. There are really good windows and are energy efficient.

Anderson, Pella and Marvin are all really good windows. Either of these would not let you down.

I would definitely stick to one of those noted above and stay away from ones like CrestLine, etc. which are the cheaper ones the builders use for the cookie cutter houses.

Have a sales rep from all three come to your house and show you what they have instead of going through Lowes or Home Depot first. Take the information he may have and then buy the windows on your own.

just my
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Old 04-26-2010, 02:03 PM
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Windows will set you back some $. General ball park budget is $1,000 per opening, for labor & materials. I just put in Eagle Windows a few years ago, love them. Anderson owns them now as their "top line" window, as they are aluminum clad exterior and wood interior. They have 50 colors of aluminum to choose from (same price), and offer different species of wood for the interior. They were actually a bit cheaper than the Anderson quote I got from Home Depot. There are some good vinyl, and now fiberglass windows available. I'd spend some time doing a lot of research on the windows themselves as well as the installer, as they are one of the main failure points on a house if not installed properly. The gov't is offering some pretty good tax credits if you install high performing windows (my Eagle's qualified), so look at energystar.gov for more on that.
Good luck!
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Old 04-26-2010, 02:30 PM
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Not sure if they have Milgard Windows where you are located, but we replaced our old aluminum framed windows with those and I also put them in our lakehouse when we built it. They are nice windows and are less expensive than Pella or Anderson and have a lifetime warranty. We have utilized the lifetime warranty on a couple of ours that lost their seal and they replaced them no questions asked.
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Old 04-26-2010, 02:55 PM
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I went with Anderson from Home Depot and put them in myself. Came out cheaper than having someone install cheap vinyl. I put in three big sliders with oak interior and the rest were various size crank outs. When opened, they really let the air in. One door had a flaw and Anderson sent another door out right away and said to destroy the one I had. Pella makes a great product also, but I am loyal to Home Depot because of the stock.
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Old 04-26-2010, 03:00 PM
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Get a quote from these guys. We have a farily high-end house with custom wood windows everywhere. My second floor windows began to rot and I check with Marvin and Pella and then these guys were recommended. We have had great luck with them. Our local franchise and installer was great and they were VERY reasonably priced. Here is a link to their locations:

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Old 04-26-2010, 04:41 PM
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We refurbished our home several years ago. We had to custom order 15 windows, and were around $4200. Being the frugal sort, I orderd them with every suitable window gas known to man. We also used the memorial day military family discount at Lowes. My Brother was serving in Iraq at the time. Of course you being active military you get the discount year round. We have been very pleased with them.
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Old 04-26-2010, 06:13 PM
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Oddly enough I'm 18 windows deep into replacing all of my 24. I went with PlyGem builders series 200 from Lowes although you can buy them from a lot of other places.

They're wood composite frames and wood sashes, pre-primed on the outside and you can order other finish options/colors. Mine were a variety of sizes, most 3' wide and 4'6 tall but some were shorter, and some taller. After negotiations etc etc I got them all for around $3,000.

The reasons I like them:
easy to install
brick mould is pre installed but removable
double hung with removable sashes
energy efficient although not enough for tax credits.

So far, I'm really happy. I used to have old grill style windows, I wanted a modern look and i decided not to get the grill between the glass option... it makes the world of difference in the amount of light coming in. I've already noticed how much more efficient they are too. The upstairs of my house used to vary a lot in temperature throughout the day... Since having the upstairs ones in, (late march) I've not had to turn on either the A/C or Heat! Awesome.

Things to consider though are... are you doing a complete replacement, or just replacement windows? I had to to for the complete window as the drip sill was rotten on almost all of them. I now have peace of mind that nothing's going to rot any time soon... does the house have lap siding or brick? This will make you decide whether to get ones with brick mould already installed or nail in fin option...

If you want to chat about them, I looked through all this extensively, shoot me a pm!

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Old 04-26-2010, 06:16 PM
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Had 2 houses built with Anderson windows, no problems.
2 things to consider:

1. Get easy to clean windows for the 2nd floor that "tip in" for easy cleaning. (we don't have those, but I wish we did)
2. See if you can get UV protection for your sunny area windows. We could use that, as the sun is starting to fade some of our furniture. We're going to get some of them tinted soon anyway.
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Old 04-26-2010, 06:22 PM
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I am not a fan of the vinyl windows, we did all Pella at out last place and as someone said I installed all and that way was able to get the architect series. Its amazing how good a wood window looks and the outdoor sound level was non-existent. I just used gas filled on the front of the house that had west exposure, other well shaded or morning windows just seems a waste to pay the gas premium. Congrats on the new casa Bri.


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