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Please post here (or PM me if preferred) issues for which you would like prayer. I would like to carry the needs/concerns of the TMC family to the Throne of Grace, belonging to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I (and a number of un-named members) commit to pray consistently for whatever request is posted here. After 6 months have passed on a request without updates, I will delete it from the list below for the sole purpose of keeping the list from being so overwhelming.

A summary of all requests is below, listed in order of their posting since thread inception on 2.23.07.

91. (1.30.08, Post # 491) - Funk - (much clipped out of history here) As of 9.24.09, Amy (wife's best friend, 32) is going back into Cedar Sanai tomorrow for treatment. Not good news. Her cancer is very serious. She is [young] which is good for the fight but as we all saw with Patrick Swayze, pancreatic is a very nasty one to concur. We are having a dinner get-together this evening at our house to have a good time prior to her going into the fight once again. As of 2.3.10, Amy is doing well with treatments and continuing to live life to the fullest. All of the girls went up to Santa Anita last Friday for the horse races to celebrate her 2 year anniversary of her fight. As of 9.8.10, she is basically living a normal life. Not in remission but the cancer seems not to be very agressive so she only takes a treatment about once a year(inpatient). She spends tons of time with all the friends' kids and enjoys her time. As of March 2011, she is going to start new treatments next week. Her liver is growing and causing pain but she is living a mostly normal life at this point. Just moved into a new apartment down by the beach so she is enjoying what she has. As of 9.25.11, Amy is unfortunately not in good shape at all. She is still actively being social with friends, having meals, etc but in tons of pain. Her liver/abdomen is very extended. The cancer has taken over her torso. She remains in good spirits but it's very hard to endure. For all of us. She has lost quite a bit of weight yet looks pregnant, in fact she gets that a lot. Basically, looks like a 80 year old pregnant woman but 32 or so. I just hope she doesn't suffer too much more, her mother is caring for her now and she is in her 70's. She is still surrounded by all of her girlfriends and tons of spirit. She is trying to make it to Christmas is her goal now, mainly to see our kids during the holidays.
163. (12.5.10, Post # 884) - Footin - For my Mom, she was diagnosed with lung cancer (never a smoker) in May. She went though chemo, then had her left lung removed in September and going through radiation now. It has been a difficult time for me and my family as we do not know what the future holds. As of 12.31.10, my mom has finished the radiation treatments and is doing OK. She has a hard time catching her breath sometimes, but that is to be expected with only one lung. It should get better over time but for now she is on oxygen all the time. I asked her the other day is she will need the oxygen for the rest of her life and she responded "there is NO WAY I will be dependent on this for the long term". She has a great attitude and is a very strong woman. She knows that there is only a 50/50 chance she will live five more years, but she is vibrant, happy and will make the most of it, besides she says she has always been a over acheiver and will be around alot longer than that. As of March 2011, she is breathing better and better but she still requires oxygen most of the time. She hopes to free of that by mid summer. The last scan showed he cancer free which is great news; however we are all very concerned for the future. God has heeled her and will continue to watch over her, we just ask for her remaining years to be painless and joyfull.
166. (1.11.11, Private Mail) - jracin240 - My brother, Al, had a stroke last Thursday up in Champlin MI. He is showing signs of improvement. He has a long road ahead of himself and so does his family. He has some paralysis that seems to be improving. His speech is pretty slurred. We are all hoping that thiings keep improving and hopefully a little faster. As of 1.24.11, still inpatient but making progress and we are all hoping he will be out soon. As of March 2011, he is recovering well, came home from the hospital last week. Speech is sounding good but needs a little moore work. Thanks for the prayers. (Later) Al is getting better, but unfortunately think he is loafing a little on his rehab and not pushing himself that hard. He is making progress though. Thanks to all on the message board that have said a quick prayer for my brother and his family.
167. (4.8.11, Post # 912) - Slinkyredfoot - I said many prayers for my big black wonderful dog Boom. Had to put him down today. RIP my big black wonderful best friend Boom. I am very sad.
168. (5.8.11, Post # 917) - MyCabinFever - I would like to put a prayer out there for all of the Wonderful Mothers. If you are lucky enough to be able to see or speak to your Mom, do so. For those who cannot, we will cherish the good times we had with Mom. Make it a Great Mother's Day
169. (5.23.11, Post # 918) - EJ OJPROP - My Dad, Gary, was in a car accident Saturday am and suffered crushed disks in his neck. Surgery is this afternoon to repair C-7 through D-1. Thanks. As of 6.30.11: An update on my Dad after todays Dr. appt. He is out of the neck brace and the new disks seem to be healing well. Thanks again to all for thoughts and prayers
170. (5.27.11, Post # 931) - Dino Don - My prayer is that we all take time to thank our God who has blessed us beyond all measure for what we have and that we never take our freedom and blessings for granted. All have come at a very high price.
171. (5.29.11, Post # 935) - joniron1 - My good friend and wakeboarding buddie just learned that his 9yr old daughter, Abigail, has a inoperable tumor that is cancerous on her brain stem. She had headaches for a month or 2 then she lost her eyesight. They are saying best case is blindness will be permanent and radiation may shrink the tumor. Prayer greatly appreiciated. My 4 yrs girl just loves Abigail (they are tube riding buddies) and I dont how we will tell her about it.
172. (6.23.11, Post # 939) - DooSPX - Please pray for my Best Friend/Brother from another mother/Driver and his family. His father is in the last bit of his life. Could be any day now. As of 6.24.11: My friend's dad passed this morning....
173. (6.30.11, Post # 945) - Dino Don - There is an email circulating that is calling on all churches to take time out this Sunday to pray especially for our nation. I spent several days this past two weeks with 42 wounded warriors at a retreat for them. One only has to be there and see them as they interact with others to know and understand that they are are just your everyday young person who gave what they could for us so many of us can enjoy our freedom. We celebrate freedom but as we all should know freedom is far from free. Two more lost their lives in a base in Iraq near the Iran border. Pray for their families as they attempt to deal with their loss and all of us as we see what a crazy place we live in.
174. (6.30.11, Post # 946) - atlfootr - Ryan Dunn's and passenger's family and friends
175. (7.11.11, Post # 947) - McFire - Need some prayers for a good friend of mine and his family. Playing in his pool last night with his family, his 15 year old son threw one of those torpedo type toys at the water. The toy hit the water and then it hit right in my friemd's eye. Blew hie eyeball out. He will very likey loose the eye. He is in surgery now, 20 hours later. He and his family will have a big adjustment to make. And his poor son feels terrible. Just a tragic accident. Your prayers are appreciated. Thanks. As of 7.31.11, my friend did lose his eye. He will need to get a fake one put in. He will have major adjustments to make, but he should have a mostly normal life. He and his family are trying to deal with the whole incident as best as they can. The prayers are appreciated.
176. (7.16.11, Post # 949) - tex - Been a tough week at work. First one of my therapist husband passes from cancer on Monday. Yesterday one of my good friends at work had his under 40 wife(breast cancer survivor) get a blood clot in her leg and it traveled to her heart and killed her. 2 great people who give their all to providing services to kids here have lost their mate. An absolutely horrible week-God bless Senetra and Setrick. It will be a tough road!

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Good thread JF......
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Great Idea JF, you filled a need, Thanks.........Cec

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Pray for me JF. I am and always have been in need of it...
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Great Thread JF. Maybe we should add here the people that just lost a baby to Sids? I can only imagine their needs...
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Old 02-24-2007, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Maristar210
Pray for me JF. I am and always have been in need of it...
I will my friend. We all need it. If you have specifics in mind, PM me.
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Originally Posted by jakethebt
Great Thread JF. Maybe we should add here the people that just lost a baby to Sids? I can only imagine their needs...
Yes, that was Rockman's family. I have made a mental note already. Thank you.
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JF, this is an amazing idea, and I will also commit to praying for those who post a prayer need.
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Click here if you need prayer, or wish to pray for those who do.
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JF, thanks for doing this. It is amazing how we all seem to need a little extra help now and then. I truly appreciate your support.
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My wife could use some prayer. She is having trouble nursing our 6mo. old girl. She nursed our two boys till they were 1 and it was a wonderful experience for her. With this baby her milk is not coming in like it did in previous pregancies.

She went on some perscription meds to help and she started to have an alergic reaction. She now feels like its useless and she is neglecting our baby. She takes this part of mothering very seriously and is quite frustrated.

Ellie (the baby) just wails when she tries to nurse now cause there is no milk.

To make matters worse, I am out off town for the next 5 days.

Thanks for your prayers.
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