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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
Because we are on the subject of home theater, I'll ask about in-ceiling speakers. I have a pair of B&W bookshelf along with a B&W center. My wife does not want them exposed in the room so I'm resulting in some ceiling type speaker that has some angle to it. How good will these perform and are there some decent ones that can be recommended?

Also, the TV will be in the corner of the room so symetry is not in the cards. TV will be enclosed into a TV pit and blanket chest, and when needed, will lift up out of pit and pivot to viewing area. Obviously, a multi-purpose room. Very hard room indeed with windows everywhere too.


HDMI - Need some quality converter to send/receive signal over CAT 6a wire at a distance of maybe 80' from TV to component area. Recommendations?
The in-ceiling speakers won't sound as good as the B&W. Even their ceiling speakers can't sound as good, but some are pretty good. When cosmetic considerations or WAF trump sound quality, it ends up being a series of compromises.

Look into HDBaseT- it uses coax, not Category cable. The fact that a long cable run is needed is exactly why I always recommend installing the Smurf Tube- I don't know of any HDMI extender that's fault-proof, although some manufacturers are installing a restorer in their HDMI cables. It uses the voltage at the source end for the restorer's power supply, but the tolerance for voltage drop is so small, it's still likely that occasional dropouts will occur. Did I mention that I hate HDMI?

I used an HDMI extender from a company called Spectrum and it worked for shyte. Oddly, the owner of that company writes a monthly article for one of the main trade mags that deals with Home Theater, etc and not only were the instructions useless, it didn't work. I got one from another company and it worked out of the box, without changing any of the settings. I had installed conduit, so additional cabling for that installation isn't a problem, but since it has been fault-free since 2011, I'm hoping it will keep working. Your choice- Tributaries and other cable companies have HDMI cables that are supposed to work over long distances, but they're really expensive. This is one of my complaints about HDMI- not only is the plug a bad structural design, it doesn't always work and the cables are expensive. Don't pay any attention to the comments that say HDMI cables are all teh same and the cheap ones will work just as well as the expensive ones- this is flat wrong. Also, Monoprice, as popular as they are, was nailed not long ago for cables that don't meet the National Electric Code for in-wall use, which is a problem if a fire occurs and the insurance company finds out what kind of cables were used. In addition, with 4K resolution on its way, the regular, cheap HDMI cables will definitely not work.
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