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get off TT bud, your drunk. hahaha



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Originally Posted by BudmanV24 View Post
Any interest in trading for my e350 super duty v10, lol?
Clear sarcasm is clear lol..
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Originally Posted by 98 Saleen Cobra View Post
Clear sarcasm is clear lol..
Great van. Running on a solid 7 cylinders, lol.
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Originally Posted by BudmanV24 View Post
Do you drive a Prius?
Originally Posted by bsloop View Post
OK, F it, get the Dmax.

Lets be honest, you know you are on the edge of towing your load with a 1500.
My trailer, boat and fuel scale at 6800#. Load up people, wakeboard gear and weekend gear; a 1500 is technically over its load limits. I know, I have done it on a swap of costs with a buddy's F150 and my boat for a weekend at the lake. My daily driver is a 3500 single axle, CC, LB Dmax and there is NO comparison, especially on a twisting hill decent or hit a highway corner a little too fast.

When I was looking, all 4 companies were in consideration. 1/2 ton was relatively thrown out.

Ford was worst IMO. Rode like a wagon, King Ranch interior was sin ugly, bad sight lines, wide fat seats, rear crew bench was low and like sitting on a board, engines are unproven with a long track record of issues. It did have an 8' bed.

Tundra Crew Max - Good ride; quality fit interior, rear seating was AWSOME limo like; good engine reliability. Concerned it lacked heavy load handling of other 3/4 ton, gas hog, tiny 5.5' bed

Dodge - OK ride and interior; small Crew backseat leg room, Mega was great but no Mega LB, reliable engine; other systems seemed to have more long term problems.

GMC - Good ride, Decent interior but a little cheap feeling, seats fit well; acceptable leg room and second most comfortable rear seats to Crew Max; proven powertrain; LB option

Everyone has their own needs and standards, I was completely unbiased at the start.

BTW Ford, why still no compliance with SAE 2807 tow standards? Toyota has since they went into effect in 2011, Dodge and GM were ready last year. Dodge even published then retracted them with Ford balked then CHICKENED OUT! when they found out how poor their current trucks would fair. (assumed) So they waited for the next redesign so they would not have marketing egg on their face......
Mike Levine, Ford's truck communications manager, made the distinction on implementation of the standards in 2013 with all-new models, noting that the F-150 received a refresh in 2013, and was not an all-new model. "We'll test and report according to the standards with the introduction of all-new vehicles beginning with the 2013 model year," he said. "The 2013 Escape, which was an all-new model for 2013, complies with the J2807 standard. When our all-new pickups debut, they will comply with the standard."

Read more: http://www.trucktrend.com/features/n...#ixzz2lDTbuEsh

AricX15, don't sweat it, just poking a little Texas fun.
Speaking of Texas, Props from Texas auto writers to Toyota for being compliant since 2011 which was the official date agreed by all mfg.
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John 14:6

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I miss the diesel/Allison towing. I miss it a lot... Waiting on the 500 HP Cat to come out in GMC. It's on its way...


Interesting since CAT has not made any truck engines for several years, I was told because they couldn't meet emissions standards. Oh I hope you're right and they come out with one in a pickup.....CAT makes great engines. I has a 3126 in my 2000 Freightliner, it was great. My buddy has the higher hp version (300hp) in his Sterling and it will go 92 mph on flat ground! Not bad for a 20K lb truck empty!
I was njskier on here.
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Old 11-23-2013, 09:45 PM
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While searching for a truck you should watch top gear ( the American version). They have a 3 way between ram Chevy and ford. The Chevy wins the drag race, the ford wins the tire burn off. The dodge is not geared right or something cause it is dead last.
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Old 11-26-2013, 08:24 PM
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To Ford hater

Ford must have been doing something right for the last 35yrs to be the top truck.

Originally Posted by bsloop View Post
Since the actual discussion is complete, we can let this fall into a typical preference debate......

I guess I could see this coming from Texas. IMO, the King Ranch has an over the top interior dripping of dead cow. Too heavy of a leather smell, almost has to be fake and rough grained.
Might be attractive to the crowd that thinks cow sh!t and oil smell like money but it was a turn off for me. It also rode the roughest with not good sight lines.

Im not some crazy vegan and many others can do leather more tastefully.
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Old 11-26-2013, 09:58 PM
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speaking of country trim levels. anyone see the new seats on the up level Ram? the seats looked like a pair of cowboy boots with flames stitched in the seats. the toyota also has a "ranch" edition with faux saddle bags on the back of the seats and bullets on the floor mats.
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Originally Posted by roadster02 View Post
Ford must have been doing something right for the last 35yrs to be the top truck.
Lmbo. Top truck by what calculation?
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