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Originally Posted by curver900 View Post
DON'T buy a Ford from 07-10 as they are not compatible with the new 20% Bio being delivered to save the planet.. Check to make sure the engine supports 20% bio blend.. if not it might become a very expensive endeavor...
The problem with Bio Diesel concentrations higher than 5% (or any Bio for that matter) are not unique to Ford. GM, Dodge, VW and any other manufacturer that injected fuel during the exhaust cycle to superheat the DPF can have cylinder washing and oil dilution problems.
Slow city and "cold" driving conditions compound the problem.
Newer (2011ish) methods utilize a 9th injector in the exhaust down pipe to reduce the problem.
Minimizing the oil dilution problem caused by Regeneration is as simple as doing a DPF delete which is much easier to do on 2007-2010 models than 2011 and newer.

However. ALL diesels (old or newest) can experience problems with BioD oil dilution if they are frequently cold started and short trip driven like many individuals engage.
Many states do not have BioD mandates. I know IL and WI do. They are also some of the first to report clogged filters every year on the diesel forums.
A secondary problem due to BioD's higher cloud point,

Location (due to Bio regulations, Bio cold temp properties and vehicle inspections)
Driving habits
owner propensity to learn diesel's operating quirks and perform roadside maintenance.
--All should play into someone's consideration of diesel purchase.
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