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Old 07-11-2017, 11:18 AM
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Not so sure I agree with the MariStar pricing for exact trim level boats. In some cases you could argue the opposite. My boat for example is an 07, 200 Maristar with the xSeries package. My boat came will ALL the xSeries components (tower, ballast, swivel racks, etc.) with the only difference being the color scheme. The xSeries scheme back then was mostly a "love it or hate it" two tone color scheme which turns some buyers off. In comparison the MariStars came with the more traditional scheme. Past that my dash and interior are the same as the xSeries boats.

This being said I have seen a ton of these boats without towers, ballasts systems or higher end audio packages in which case I could see the obvious price difference. In the end I think it's still going to come down to features, options and condition of similarly optioned/condition boats, at least to the knowledgeable buyer.
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Old 07-11-2017, 11:20 AM
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agree with above comments. hulls are identical. also, the maristar line typically has different logo stitching on a few of the seat backs. does the boat have a factory tower or perfect pass. those are big expenses that would need to be factored in if they aren't there.

would definitely get to the cause of the water in the transmission.
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Old 07-12-2017, 05:56 PM
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Hi guys, thanks for the info.

Yes the Mastercraft service dep said there was water in the transmission. But, basically, said it was no big deal. I'm about to sign the papaerwork tomorrow morning on this boat. But still just want to have as much info as possible. We are stuck negotiating within a few thousand bucks. Basically, this is a Maristar 215 with an added ballast system (told me it was 3800) and the wake tower and even the x15 decal on the side. It is a clean layout with black hull and white pinstripes. The main activity I want to use it for is wake surfing. But wanst sure if the Maristar produced a smaller wake compared to the X series. Even though they have the same hull I was thinking maybe the ballast was different or something. My last boat was a 280 searay sundancer so this is a new world to me dealing with a wake/surf boat. The dash does look different compared to the X series. It is a dark wood finish with no digital screen. If im in the 43-44k range do you guys think its a good value with decent resale value within 3 years? Again, 2011 with approx 260 hours. Thnx.
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