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Old 07-27-2005, 05:49 PM
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1984 S&s

My dream boat is holding on by a thread. My wife is done with her. After rebuilding the engine last year, then having a blown head gasket the first outing this year, there's not much stopping the boat from hitting the classifides.
Except I'm hard-headed. So to keep the boat any maybe my marriage from hitting dry land I decided to rip her apart. Plus the alternative is a powerboatless, kayak only household. Not under my watch....

With the engine finally sound, at least I hope, I started ripping the old carpet out. New carpet under a woman's feet is a move in the right direction. Is it smart to fill in the old screw holes? Does it matter.

Since I'm going crazy. The vinyl side panels are being replaced. The old ones are completey shot. The rest of the seats are holding up.

I also took off the swim platform, since it was held on with a ratchet strap. I'm going to make my own and figure out how to mount it back more securely. Any ideas?

I broke into the instrument panel and fixed the fuel guage, found out the float was hung up in the tank. Good news, the guage and sending unit are good. Bad news, both speedo's are bad. I replaced the old pickup's, left the hose-air makes it through so I figured they're fine.
Any idea where I can get factory Speedometer guages?

Finally, I'm going to order and replace the rubrail. Any ideas on where to buy the original, aluminum and black rubber insert?

Also, I'm looking for a new rear exhaust vent.
I would also like to find a new bilge lid. The plastic one is broke and I would like something cooler,is there a stainless steel or diamond plate alternative out there?

Finally, I'm replacing the old running boards with new ones and carpet.

Big job for the middle of the summer but it might be what it takes to keep her. Thanks.
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