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Old 06-19-2018, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Mastercraftdave View Post
Arlo Pro Cameras are completely wireless and offer cloud storage for memory. Easy to setup and great picture.
And they have had some issues with the app, so make sure to update the firmware.
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We have the canary camera system at the lake, they are only 1080p but they do have a siren you can activate along with speaker system, and air quality and temp monitoring. They work well for a weekend place but maybe not as sharp as what you're looking for. They are super easy to use though but there is a $100/year fee for storage I believe. Good side of them is that they are fairly inexpensive, I think our 2 camera setup was a little over $200.
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For a budget system, check out zmodo cameras. Seems like the reviews are good overall with some complaints about the app. You probably can't get a 4k camera, but the rest of them will be well within your budget. They also have cloud storage options, but unsure of cost. Here's an 8 camera kit for like $320: https://www.amazon.com/Zmodo-Simplif...s=zmodo+system

This one's wireless and only costs $240 for 8 cam setup. https://www.amazon.com/Zmodo-Wireles...70_&dpSrc=srch

A coworker has this setup in his house and the video looks similar to my nest cam.

Costco has 3 camera Arlo setup for $470. They also have a 4k ready system for $150 off that comes with 6 cameras (none are 4k though) but unsure of the cost. They just tell you it's $150 off.

Personally, I'd got he cloud route. I'd hate to be wiring up cameras to a hard drive all over the house. I'd prefer to get a really good router and be sure you have wireless coverage, and go that route.
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Old 06-19-2018, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Roman View Post
Well played...well played.

To be honest I would pay it, but their cameras are 1080p, and I was told if I am buying cameras and I actually want to identify people and read plates that I need 4k in order to do that. Im looking on amazon and not seeing anything 4k for nest cameras. That is my true drawback. Ill pay the 100 a year if it means super easy setup, and free storage

edit. Found the 4k camera from nest. its 299 for 1. Kind of steep
You could also check Yi. They recently upgraded to 1080 for about $50 (indoor) a piece and you can have 5 on the app for free. Add secure digital cards to each camera and you get storage.

I bought 5 of the 720K and only spent $125 since they dropped in price. I then bought outside cases and extra power wire.
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How about a couple of underfed Italian Mastiffs.

See Ramses Bolton in GOT below, for some reason he reminds me of Seth Bloom.

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Just remember with all these “cloud” cameras, no internet means no recording.

As a security camera professional for over 18 years, if you want reliability run a wire. I would look at IP cameras starting at 4 megapixels or higher. The advantage of wireless is ease of install. The benefits start and end there.
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It would also be extremely silly to replace a DPF. Just put a $200 pipe back on and carry on.



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Originally Posted by moosehead View Post
How about a couple of underfed Italian Mastiffs.

See Ramses Bolton in GOT below, for some reason he reminds me of Seth Bloom.

I know a guy, and I work for a firm that can provide "staff", or "contractors" PM for details...
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Samsung / hard wire / DVR storage / 1080 HD. I have installed the 16 bank system on two houses in the last 4 months, no complaints or regrets using Samsung.

Amazon dot com

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I did a lot of research on this recently. Getting divorced and wanted to monitor the house to make sure my soon to be ex wasn't going in/out and removing things. Arlo Pro was the way to go. Nest is good, but the fees are stupid. However, there are no cheap 4K systems. When you say 4x do you mean 4K? So you'll have to decide between quality, price, storage, and ease of use/setup. It's like the 3 or 4 legged stool analogy. You can't get all of those in the same package.
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