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Old 07-10-2018, 12:35 PM
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I can't believe none of you are arguing for a new boat after all if the end comes I would like to go on the end of a ski rope slicing the course one last time...

you only need a few items to survive..
firearm for said lead
the rest is all fun stuff...

Diamonds, gold, etc... are all worthless in an environment of apocalypse..

but hording gold probably isn't a very sound financial proposition at least not now.. there are some very good stocks out there that pay pretty good dividends... you should look at those instead...

OP what is your goal? are you investing for retirement or just hedging or??? if just hedging then $10k worth of gold really isn't that bad... you won't miss it in your earnings and you have a bit of insurance.. make sure you keep it on site though not much good in a box where you can't get at it in the "event" for the doomsayers..
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