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Old 01-22-2019, 08:44 PM
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yep the southwest end of Tog riding area.

we're pretty lucky that my buddy was a guide there for a number of years.
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Old 01-23-2019, 12:55 PM
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Planning a trip to Dillon, Colorado(near Keystone, Copper and Breckenridge) in March. Looking to rent sleds for a day. Would like to do trials and some off trail - but not get too crazy. We have done this before in Montana and trails were clearly marked, rental wasn't too bad and we were able to go off trail as well. Looking for similar experience in CO. Any recommendations?
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Old 01-23-2019, 04:38 PM
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^ I know Novaguides rents out of Vail (Camp Hale) but not sure if they do un guided. They run Vail Pass, which can be great if there's a fresh dump or you hit it on a weekday after a good snow. Otherwise VP is not my favorite place as it gets probably the most sled traffic anywhere save for Grand Lake.
There was an outfit that would haul sleds up the hill form Denver to a location of your choosing. Can't imagine that's cheap....
If you don't want a guide and are comfortable in the back country, suggest calling Boyz Toyz in Eagle and talk to Gary the owner. They are the local Cat dealer and he will also rent sleds and trailer. He's not an official rental outfit and the rentals are whatever is in his used inventory, but you can go where you want then. Have to talk to him like a local and see if he will do it for you. Again just a good ole boy with sleds who didn't used to be opposed to making a buck off of them. I've rented sleds in the past when we lived there, for friends from out of town. He was also cheaper than the rental places.
From Eagle, I'd hit Red n White from the Wolcott side or the Flattops from Coffee Pot Rd. out of Gypsum. Both have groomed trails. Red and White Mtn is pretty sweet and doesn't get a ton of traffic but grooming used to be spotty. Flattops is HUGE and you can run til you're out of gas and be 50 mi from the truck if you just keep going!

I would not rent anything in Breck or Silverthorne. Just no good riding to get to from those trails (save for some spots up out of Breck that you won't find unless someone takes you there) and the snow is more spotty there than a little west in Eagle or Pitkin counties.
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