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Old 02-20-2017, 12:12 PM
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Apparently I had the very same problem....same issues, tried to replace the same initial parts, and nothing.

I thought pick up coil initially and tested it - but at the time it didn't seem to present as an issue. I finally retested it while slightly wiggling the wires...the readings were all over the place indicating a failed part.

After I pulled the part I found very large amount of corrosion where the wire contacts the coil, and the conductor case was completely chafed through where the wire exits the pick up casing.

To test:
Connect an ohmmeter to the pigtail leads of the distributor, resistance reading should be 150-900 ohms. Reading should remain steady if wires are moved around. A second test is to connect one lead from the ohmmeter to ground and the other to either of the pigtail leads. If the meter shows a reading the pick-up coil is bad.

I also found this web site to be very helpful in diagnosing:

Last but not least YouTube is amazing, it taught me how to do the repair myself. I purchased the part from Advanced Auto, BWD brand, same part as an '88 Camaro 5.7L.
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Old 02-20-2017, 01:20 PM
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Did not read the entire thread, but please check the Harness side (female) of where the Fuel Pump Relay connects to the Engine Harness, if your relay is very warm or you see melted plastic, you have resistance and the relay will be intermittent ... as more relays during troubleshooting are unplugged and plugged in ... it tends to push the female spade ends in the receiving connector down and away from the solid contact needed ... please check that ....
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5.7, cranks dosn't start, diacom, fuel pressure, mcx, pick-up coil

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