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Originally Posted by uplander View Post
I also bought some of this last year, our lake is nasty you always come out with a scum line and no matter how much wax or polish it will not come off. This stuff is fast and easy

You can also use muriatic acid, used in swimming pools. You just need to wax afterwards and don't let it get on metal or paint. I have the same issue with a scum line. Our lake is actually very clean but I am at the end of the lake in a shallower section that can get pretty stirred up.
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A lot of people use toilet bowl cleaner (which is basically muriatic acid) to clean the algae.
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Been a painter and in the autobody business for 30+ years and I firmly believe in the wool the wool pads for the application of compound . Foam for glazing . Like someone else said here gel-coat is way tougher than paint and hard but not impossible to mess up . Don't be intimidated by a rotary buffer just practice in an out of the way spot first .
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I have used Zing and other products for skum line, but this stuff is so much easier just give a little spray and wipe clean
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