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Originally Posted by DRRICK View Post
1. ADAPTOR, O2 SENSOR for Marine use
Part # HM206 O2 sensor adaptor designed to install heated Oxygen sensor in water cooled marine exhaust manifolds. Oxygen Sensor is priced separately.

I will continue my search. When (not if) I get it settled I will post results here.
i know this is an ancient thread at this point, but was doing some searching around and ran across this

seems like a good option for someone wanting convert to efi - i dont think id go through the expense and hassle of trying to retune a factory system when standalone with datalogging and full control of the mapping is available these days (though it was in '14 when this thread was started also, but prices have only come down).
a friend and i were just talking about this a couple weeks ago on the boat - weve installed dozens of megasquirt systems on various cars - thought it might be fun to do on the prostar as well.
if the factory ecu on the '94 ever gives up the ghost we might give it a whirl, i though the o2 sensor thing would be a major hurdle but after seeing that adapter plate im getting bad ideas :P
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