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Old 07-19-2018, 03:33 PM
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Boat choking out with throttle but keeps fuel psi

I have a 2001 xstar with the 5.7 predator 310 hp engine. It recently started doing the following out of the blue:
It starts normal, idles normal, and runs normal in gear (both fwd and reverse but not giving any throttle, just "in gear"), but once you give it any throttle, it will get going as normal but then die off after about a minute. Gas tank is at 3/4 but as soon as you give it throttle, the gauge starts to go down and once the gauge gets to 0, the boat chokes out. If I go back to neutral before the boat actually dies, the gas gauge goes back up to 3/4. If I let the boat actually kill itself, it will turn back on with no problem and idle and the gas gauge goes back up to 3/4 when I turn it on and idle.
Also, the boat can rev all day long in neutral with no issue; the choking out/gauge doing down issue only happens with the boat under load.

Checked the fuel pressure at the rail and it held at ~30 psi at all times, even as the boat choked out and died.
Voltage meter on dash reads at ~13.5 V all the time, even while engine is dying.
New cap/distributor, wires, spark plugs, and alternator as of the beginning of this year (all worked perfectly normal all season until now)

It seems like an electrical issue/bad contact somewhere because the boat is losing gas or spark under load and the gas gauge is simultaneously losing voltage. If this is the issue, what connections require power under load that could be the suspect components/connections to test?

I'm out of town for the weekend so I won't be able to check anything again until early next week but I appreciate the help in advance!
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