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My tranny in my 2001 Prostar 205 V also bleed out in the bildge. the output seal went out. It took me and a friend who is a GREAT boat mechanic about 4 hours to remove everthingy to get to the tranny and a lot of muscle to get it out without a lift. Our lift had to lift the motor a little bit to get the tranny out and my back had to lift the tranny. Once it was out I took it to a marine tranny shop in Everett, Wa and they rebuilt it for $ 576.76. It the same shop that mastercraft would have sent it. I had no water damage in the tranny, they replaced the seals and filter. It took under week to get it back, Then about 4 more hours to get it in and put everything back.

It has been 3 years and no problems since... I keep my bilge dry now
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