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Originally Posted by prostardad View Post
I have some oxidation on the back of a 1992 Prostar 205. The first pic shows a spot where I rubbed the gelcoat for about 20 seconds and rubbed it pretty clean. The second pic is where I removed the decals to show the difference between the oxidation and what the original gelcoat is like. Here are my questions:

Is the oxidation heavy enough to require wet sanding? I would have to wet sand the transom and about 5 feet on the sides.

Will 3M Perfect-It or Finesse-It be enough to bring this back to original color?

I would like to polish this to like new condition so any thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Here is 3M's take. They say the best way to see if you can skip the sanding step is to test compound. I think they mean testing with a polisher, like say a rotary polisher and wool pad, not some hand rubbing.

3M Marine Professional Gelcoat Finishing System

According to this video, Finesse It II polish is for light oxidation only, and the other product you mention -- Perfect It -- is even less aggressive. The Imperial rubbing compound they use in this video is more aggressive than those two but, I think, less aggressive than the 3M Super Duty many on here have used and BrianM has in his process described in the first post here:

Oxidation Removal
1994 ProStar 190, 350 TBI, 1:1
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