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Here is the issue if you are mixing a pair of JL Audio 770s with a pair of Wetsounds HLCDs.
The JL Audio is designed to be a linear (an extremely smooth and neutral response) 'sound quality' speaker. The byproduct of all such speakers, whether in home, car or other, is less sensitivity. Now if correctly powered (much more than factory uses) they will play loud. However, it's not the type of speaker that will project at wake range and compete with exhaust noise at a crazy S.P.L.
In contrast, the Wetsounds HLCD is designed specifically to play with authority at wake range. So it is a louder speaker....period. And if it's a larger 8" or 10" speaker the added surface area translates to even more of an output differential.
So now you have the problem of tuning. If you set the less sensitive speaker at the same level as the higher output speaker then one speaker tends to get over-driven. If you balance the two speakers according to power handling then one speaker tends to sonically disappear.
For those reasons I strongly recommend four symmetrical speakers in both type and size.

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