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Originally Posted by dlamont View Post
Michael who? I kid, I kid.

MJ still holds the crown but this series bumped LBJ up into the top 3 greats of all time. Beating the "greatest team ever" after being down 3-1, and basically averaging 30pts, 10rebs, 10asts, in three elimination games is something NO OTHER PLAYER HAS EVER DONE.
Not to mention bringing a championship to Cleveland after 100 years. Hate LBJ if you want but you got to "tip your cap" after this.
So, Lebron is better than Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, or Bill Russell? Better than David Robinson, Bird, Kobe, Isiah Thomas, or Magic? I'll give him somewhere in among that second group of guys but still after a couple of them. I'd still take Magic or Bird over Lebron if putting a team together.

You'll notice I didn't even mention MJ, clearly the top of the pack. There was no stopping Jordan, period. His fade-away was unstoppable.
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