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I got the following from the attached. The attachment was downloaded from the Perfect Pass web site. Although for 2008/2009 it was the only place I could find an explaination of the settings. Actually, my dealer gave me a hardcopy when I asked about the settings.
KDW (Throttle Pull Rate) – KDW can be changed using up or down keys. The higher the value, the more aggressive the control. Heavy boats may need higher values. Factory setting is about 180. Normal range is 120 – 200.

NN (Paddle Wheel Filter Factor) – NN should be set at 50. The higher the value the more filtering is done. If you feel you boat is surging a little, raise value by 20 or 30.
(Normal range is 50 – 100).

CS (Control Setting) – There is an adjustable control setting (CS), which primarily affects engagement in Wakeboard Mode. 750 is recommended, however, if you feel your boat “overshoots” the target speed too much, you can lower the value a little. Adjustments of 20 at a time is recommended. (Range is 650 - 750).
My original settings were (not sure if these were set by dealer or defaults):

Current settings:
NN=120 <= I this this setting is still not quite correct.

I believe the original settings had NN and KDW wrong. Boat varied speed a little and engaged too soon which caused it to take a while to speed up to the desired setting. I believe I need to raise KDW and lower NN. I raised KDW to 120 and now it engages closer to set speed (actually a little over) but still varies a little I think I now need to lower NN and then continue to fine tune. So still a work in progress. I'll report back when I have the settings dialed in better. If someone has an X-15 and stock ballast with good settings - please let me know!

Boat: 2010 X-15, MCX, stock ballast (kgb=250lbs, port=150lbs, star=150lbs), OJ 522 prop (14.75x15.5)
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