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Interesting topic...we have a 95 BF200 and just purchased a 94 190...

Having both boats for us was more of a result of water depths that seem to never remain consistent. Up north, the lake we are on is plenty deep to run the BF200 but the rivers down south by our residence have been shallow and therefore the purchase of an inboard was necessary.

I think if you look at a 91 to 94 190 or 205, you will be ok. There are a few different engines offered within these years...couple little things to do to the boat here and there will give you the power you need, like prop, etc.

The 94 we just bought has the LT1 and with a new prop, will provide whatever power we need...if not, we can foot behind the BF200.

Budget wil play a big factor in what you can buy though...
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