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The Exile amplifier will not meet spec. You can bank on that.

The JL Audio amplifier can be replaced with the more efficient JL Audio Class D M600/6 or a better selection would be the M700/5.
The existing M6450 is before JL Audio used a more sophisticated form of protection circuitry that cut back on the power supply voltage when you drove the amplifier into hard clipping or past its thermal threshold. So even though it was an excellent amplifier it did fail more often than the later models with newer protection circuitry that are near bulletproof. If only channels 5 & 6 are problematic then once you unbridge the amplifier you may find that the failure is with just one channel. To replace an output transistor is about a $125 flat rate at most repair facilities. Or, you could use four channels only bridged to drive the tower speakers. Per more recent CEA2006 ratings that would be 200 watts per speaker (the M6450 was pre CEA2006 ratings and was a bit more conservative). With all that power supply and using four channels only the amplifier would cruise, hardly breaking a sweat. Then you could get a 5-channel amplifier, like a JL Audio M700/5 to drive the sub and four inboat satellites.
So an M700/5 with a bridged M400/4 to the tower (or a maintain the M6450 on the tower).
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