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I don't have any pics of the bags in the boat, but can tell you the 750 fits perfect on the port side. I used a different 720lb bag on the starboard side as the boot/rinse down tank and sprayer eats up some of the room. I wouldn't go wider than a 20 inch bag without bracing the engine dividers/barriers. If I do the 1100s I'll need to brace the walls quite a bit and won't be able to fill them all the way as the lockers are 22 inches tall.

Im using the original pumps but plan on installing dedicated intakes for each pump to speed up filling.

Front bag fits about perfect but really need another 2-300 lbs up front to get it on plane quicker. You will need a more aggressive prop. I put on a 1479 and it works great.

Wake is considerably taller and steeper than with original tanks but I'd still like to see more out of it. Haven't been behind enough boats to give you a fair comp. All I can tell you is we can get about 5-6th of air with enough time to pull off back rolls and 360s. Just started hitting double ups which got me craving to get the wake cranked up as much as possible.

If I go the 1100 route I may have my rear bags up for grabs if you are interested.

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