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X-10...any one make the jump from 750's to the 1,100's?

I have an '03 X-10. Last year I ditched the stock hard tanks in favor of Fat Sac 750's and also added the bow sac to even things out. This made quite a noticable diference in the wake, but I'm finding myself looking for more again.

While I know I'll never get an X-Star wake out of this boat, upgrading the boat is out of the question for the next few years at least. I am, however, considering replacing the 750's in the back with 1,100's and ading another 800lb sac on top of the walk way to the bow. Curious if anybody has gone this far with an X-10, and if so what the reuslts were? Basically trying to figure out if the added expense (not just the bags, but another prop, burning yet more fuel, and additional wear and tear on the boat) is justified by a significantly improved wake over what I currently have with the 750's, and bow sac or if the wake isn't going to improve that much due to hull design limitations.

Thanks - Jason
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