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Question First MC - Fair price? 900 hours too high for 2001 X-Star?

I'm looking to purchase my first wakeboard boat and want to make sure to get a fair price. I'm looking to purchase a used boat that I could potentially sell in a year or two to upgrade or get out (if we don't end up being a boat family) without taking too big a hit on resale.

I found a 2001 X-Star that looks very clean. Only cosmetic issue is vinyl on back rest of back seat is starting to crack. They boat has 900 hours and they are asking $25k including trailer.

Is this a fair price? It seems high for me for a boat with so many hours. If not, what would be?

Should I be concerned about the hours? I think I'm hung up on this. In my area (short season), 50 hours per season is more the average. Should I expect any issues? Would my resale plummet in two years when the boat has 1000 hours? (I think I'm equating this to 100k miles on a car.)

Also, should I be looking to buy now or in the spring when the season starts again? If I purchase now, in addition to trying to negotiate the vinyl repair, I'll need to negotiate winterization and storage. What price would be fair considering these items?
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