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Originally Posted by ranger098 View Post
first post, and i have to thank you all for all the help you have given me so far- one question i cannot find an answer to though....

i need to know if a MPI engine can be put into my boat that currently has a TBI engine? it is for an 04 mastercraft x2 with a 350 indmar in it. from what i can tell everything will work except the wiring harness, that is what me and my mechanic do not know, and i do not want to buy a new harness (bill is getting purty darn big already!)

any advice would be greatly appreciated
The harness will definitely need to be replaced and the ECM will need to be reprogrammed, at best. If the MPI engine was from a marine application, you may be able to use the ECM but it won't be a match to the boat, like the MC programming. If you know someone who can do data acquisition and programming, that may work but to do a custom program right, you would need to know exhaust temperatures, emissions and load.
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