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Power Boat questions on a MC forum

Ok I'm considering buying a Fountain. I like the deep v hull and have always liked the styling. Some key items. I have an '09 F150 KR 4x4 so towing may be an issue. After relocating the boat my tow would generally be 5 miles to any of the local 2 lakes.

I ski in a ski club and rarely use my boat at the club. Most of the time I'm on public water with my boat and I want something a little more comfortable and faster. (No Hulligan jokes please)

Do I wait a little longer and just buy the fountain or sell my boat and wait less and have fun sooner.

I would be interested in the 27' with single engine blown, 29' with a big single blown or twins non blown where later I can SC them later, '32 or '35 with twin 502 mag non blown so I can add SC's later.

Towing is a concern. On the OSO forum 29 and 32 are pulled w a 1/2 truck. Ive seen 35's pulled with escalades so I know it will tow. Stopping is a huge concern. I would be doing the electric over hydraulic braking system and the truck already has the brake controller.

Enjoyable is another concern. I'm kind of scared with it being like a jet ski. Fun for a few hours and stupid after that.

I'm not worried on fixing it. I can fix anything.

I just need some guidance.

Thanks guys
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