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so this thread has me a bit concerned now.

i'm doing another stereo upgrade and now i'm concerned about my alternator and the charging lead. how do I tell the output of the alternator on my 2003 X-2's MCX? I guess I always assumed it was 90amps.

i'm replacing one of my amps and adding a new one with a pair of tower speakers.

it will be 1000W RMS on one amp ([email protected] and [email protected]) and ~400W RMS ([email protected]) on the 2nd. i'll never see that kind of output though. the smaller amp is a class AB and the larger one is a Class G/H amp with regulated power supplies and fans.

jim, you're going to tell me I need to change my charging lead aren't you?

i'm using 2 optima blue top d34M's with a surepower 1314 battery seperator
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