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Originally Posted by Krw1225 View Post
He also said the “service required warning” should not put in to limp mode. He said only thing that would put boat to limp mode was engine temp or CAT issue.

Next day went out for night time ride, nothing more than 7 mph. “Check Engine Warning” on Vdig came on, engine temp spiked to 200, for 30 seconds, then went back to 160.
this is gonna be a wild guess... but i wonder if theres a cat/temp issue that youre only occasionally seeing show up as high engine temp on the gauge, but there isnt enough flow at the cats causing them to overheat.
maybe some kind of blockage at the pickup, or issue with a cooling line to the cats....

but as mentioned you need to get the codes read. thats what theyre there for - to guide the diagnostics. definitely start there.
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