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What Memorial Day means to me!

Something I wrote 3 years ago.

Not to be a dick here but it's not really about veterans. It's about Americans that died in the fight for the country.

Moreover, I hear people talk about stuff they can't understand and say things like it's "not national BBQ day".

Let me set this straight. While its supposed to be time to honor the fallen men and women that have died for this country I can tell you for a fact, they don't want you to feel bad about their departure. What they want is for you to remember them and celebrate them. They want you to raise a tall cold frosty one and sit around the camp fire and talk about them and their brothers. All the men and women I know that are no longer with us want us to celebrate their lives and enjoy the freedoms that they gave their lives for.

To all the military that I've known that didn't get to come home, I tip my glass and salute you with a heart felt cheers! Its to you that I owe my freedom and life to. My brothers and sisters in arms that make it possible to enjoy my life, my freedom, my country.

I'll see you all on the high ground!

For me and my brothers, every day is Memorial Day.

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