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@mikeg205, yeah not cheap (closer to $5k +?k to install), plus a lot of space. You'd have to want a thruster to make it worth it, even then I have a better low cost option under consideration.

@MLA the boat is a 2012 X30 6L. It has stock ballasts, no PnP. I've got a bunch of bags, but am willing to start from scratch and use them as spare. Budget is about $1,500 (without bags).

I was thinking diverters, i didn't know they cut flow, could always go bigger (1-1/2 inch ) if that was an issue, at some point the diverters costs more than another pump. Or just go one bag per pump with a spare pump. The other reason for the diverters was to make use of an idle pump to fill or drain bags.

Good point on the waterline.

@xstar08 nice. I like that. Game changer. Anybody using that system?

Thank you, good helpful information. KahunaCraft
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