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Some additional advice on the touch screen and software.

1. Don't delete the default boat. For some reason it needs to be there and the default profiles also, leave them alone, create some new ones.

2. Loose connections, when you unplug and plug them back in, I'm wondering if a shot of wd40 or other spray to improve connectivity would help or hinder?

3. I'd also disconnect the battery when unplugging and plugging these electrical components to avoid any kind of surge. Call me crazy, but I think it matters.

4. I'd also check both ends of each connection.

5. if the problem continued, unplug the stereo connection, leave it unplugged and try the system. Then, leaving it unplugged, unplug another system (depth sounder, that's a guess, I haven't looked at the back of the panel.) then run with the stereo and depth sounder unplugged, see if the same problems exists. Finally, try to unplug perfect pass and just have the stereo plugged into the panel. Remember, disconnect the battery for each step (or might be easier to use your battery switch to turn off power).

Above is just a process of elimination.

That said, I haven't had a single problem running the same versions of software Stefan posted, but I also haven't made any configuration changes. Tinkering has been limited to perf pass settings.
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