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My friend just bought an E-Z slalom, we used it these past two weekends, setting up Friday night & breaking down Sunday eve. Our times are basically the same. Kuddos to anyone who can do it faster with pre gates and all. BTW, a very well engineered system. We set up Friday eve in a nice pocket for the forecasted winds Saturday morning. Pissed of some old fart so we had to move it after skiing in the AM. We went to one end, pulled up the anchor, and wrapped it in a PFD so it wouldn't drag. Then we went to the other end pulled that anchor, attached the rope to the pylon and away we went with the boat in gear. Moved the course about 1500' When we were done we just waited a bit and everything just settled in nice and straight. Think I'm gonna get one just to have in my arsenal of ski chit.
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