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Typically trailers have much more side to side sway...
I think that statement has to be qualified. A travel trailer, or any trailer carrying a heavy load with a high center of gravity probably is more susceptible to side loads, crosswinds, etc. The gunwales of my boat are about 4 1/2 feet off the ground, it's low profile and not going to catch a lot of wind. I'm certain that the center of gravity of my boat and trailer is lower than the Tahoe that's pulling it.

So I agree that some trailers are more susceptible to side sway, but some are not. I'm comfortable that the four passenger tires on my trailer, pumped up to the maximum pressure of 44 psi, are providing good lateral stability. As I mentioned, I wouldn't try this if it was single axle trailer with only two tires.

I had to add that ST-rated Goodyear Marathons haven't had a stellar reputation for being safe and reliable.
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