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Depending on the hours, that boat in that condition doesn't seem steep at all to me.
I'd check the platform brackets, they've been changed out. The interior fabric is old, if it is getting brittle you may not be far from replacing, could cost a bit. Stars aren't too bad, get a laser level. Electronic ignition can be great if it's done right, otherwise a curse. Run it a fair while, watch the temp. Should lock in around 140 or 160, when it's good and warm shut down and start back up. Shouldn't need throttle. Check tires for weather/age checking. Eye up owner's tow vehicle. If it's trashed, the boat has likely not been cared for day to day, but detailed to sell. If it's as clean as the boat, you're good. You don't buy the boat, you buy the owner's live of the boat, the time and effort they put into it.
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