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Originally Posted by JGSki
I have an 02 Prostar that is white/red with the white, red, and gray upholstery. A portion of the back deck cover was ruined while in storage at a dry dock. We ordered new skins from MC, but the colors don't match. The gray is several shades darker and the white is off. Anyone else come across this issue? We would rather not have to redo the entire boat, but we are not getting much support from the local MC dealership. Does anyone know anything about skins, etc? Thanks, JG
Depending on the amount of time the boat has sat out in the sun, and the conditions it was under even in dry storage. You may never match it perfectly. My suggestion would be to go to a local upholstery shop and get a quote to match the same colors from scratch.. Unless MC sent you the wrong skins.. The mis match is probably due to wear and fading... A good shop can probably get you real darn close...
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