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Originally Posted by agarabaghi View Post
ah yes, i do like the UV protection. I have some babes leather / vinyl condition which has UV protection which seems nice, but its a bit pricey for how small of a bottle it is. Whats is the 303 condition called so i can order it on amazon?
Well, you are not going to be too happy about the price of 303 Aerospace Protectant, either!
Here it is on Amazon

Last time I ordered some, I found the best deal at the mfg. website (after considering shipping), they now have a 3-fer package with a gallon refill, a 16oz bottle, and a pop-up dispenser for $73 right now.

Seems like the deal I got at the time was a gallon, 16oz bottle, and 2x pop up dispensers, and free shipping.

I like keeping the pop-ups on the boat for either spills, or a quick wipe down/touch up.

You can also get free samples from the mfg. website... free is good...

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