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We ain't risking taking it to the dealer anymore. Since we have had the boat it sat in the shop for most of the summer for a simple problem in 2008 and ended up having to leave the boat there for the rest of summer and all winter so we asked them to do the stuff that needs doing and when we picked the boat up they said they had de wintized the boat and checked it by taking out on the water the day before. But they clearly hadn't because the boat was a mess where they left cover off over winter and the batteries were flat so they put some new ones in while we waited. Then it wouldn't turn over and kept cutting off and the ground of the starter was not tight so there was no way it had even been out on water since they took it the last summer. We took the boat back to the dock and hot water was building up in bottom of boat. I spent a couple hours trying to find the leak and found heater core had burst open for engine not being drained correctly. I bypassed the core and waited for them to fit a new one which took months, vdig display was messed up last year and we are still waiting on the display to turn up in stock, they disconnected fuel breather/over flow and didn't connect it back on and boat was fuel of fuel on a few occasions but they couldn't find the problem. Lucky it didn't explode out on the water, took it into them for fuel pump problem not so long ago and they spent a while testing it and said that they couldn't fix it so would have to wait for MC tech to come and fix it. We took boat back and I fixed the problem in less than 5 mins.

The thing is we have sent 3 people to the local nautique dealer to buy boats just because of the awful service from dealer and severe lack of backup from MC. Next time we won't be buying a MC no matter what. I expect much better service than what they offer for the money we paid for the boat. It's a battle just to keep the thing running at the moment.

That's just the issues I can remember

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