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What is in a Name

The model name “MasterCraft Skier” was used from 1968 until 1985 on MasterCraft’s tournament water ski hull.

The model name “ProStar” was introduced eighteen years later in 1986. This change rebranded MasterCraft’s tournament ski boat the “ProStar”.

One year later in 1987 MasterCraft added the “190” to the model name – resulting in the “ProStar 190”. The “ProStar 190” model name has remained on the closed bow version of the tournament ski boat ever since.

But what about name “Stars and Stripes”? It would seem that “Stars and Stripes” may have started as a nic-name but it did appear offically as part of the 1993 decal set as it actually bore the moneker "Stars & Stripes 190" at the rear of the hull. This may not have ever reappeared after 1993.

The “ProStar 195” model name was introduced in 2000 as the tournament ready open-bowed ski boat. This model was the forerunner for the “ProStar 197” model name, introduced by MasterCraft in 2002 to brand the latest version of the open bow tournament ski boat.

The “ProStar” name has also been carried by a number of other MasterCraft performance ski boats over the years as well, including the ProStar 205, ProStar 205V, ProStar 209, ProStar 214, and ProStar 214V.
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