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The bottom of the module without the small disk.

Now, some observations. The new module has a corrugated clear hose to the regulator.

It retains its shape even when bent. But, somewhere on this board, I read a post (with pictures) from a new owner who had these types of hoses burst. I haven't the time to look it up.

The small black bypass hose on the outside does not line up with the groove made for it. You can even see a mark where it should be. What is up with this? Piss poor QC in my book.

I tested the small disk. It is buoyant. Almost like a piece of cork or wood.

I was very curious about the filter and how quickly fuel will pass through it. I poured some gas in a pan and placed the filter in the gas. The filter filled up quickly. So, there is virtually no restriction to the flow of gas through this filter. I had originally thought that the 10 micron filter was too restrictive. Not true. The only problem (if you want to call it one) with the filter is that due to its shape, it cannot draw gas from lower than the bottom lip.

A so so picture of the filter.
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