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My fam didn't have a boat, but I was able to acheive addiction non the's how.

1st exp. on a boat= 6 people in a 12' aluminum and my 300lbs uncle was driving in the back. We only had a couple of inchs of freeboard at the transome, so everytime we slowed down water came in As an 8 yr old, I figured we were going down.....needless to say, I destinctly remember knowing exactly how far from shore we were that whole trip.

2nd exp= 13 and D & M payed a guy to take me skiing. Popped right up on the first try and made the quick transition from "every man for himself, she's goin' down" to "can't wait to do that again!" Hook was set.

3+ exp= Rode with and drove on a few friends boats till I was 28 and could afford to buy my own. 18' Mirage runabout. Good boat, but we were going to kill it with what we were doing to it.

Three years ago finally bought the MC and got into hydrofoiling at the same time. Haven't looked back since. Now my 17 yr old drives boat about as well as me I did say "about"!
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