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Fuel possibilities:
Accelerator pump insufficient volume
Accelerator pump nozzles clogged
Accelerator pump stroke not set correctly
Choke not opening fully
Significant vacuum leak
So I have checked the accelerator pump, it seems to have a steady stream when I move the throttle.. I don't believe the renew kit came with a new nozzle; I think the one I have now is the same one I've always had. Not sure about the stroke, I attempted to adjust this per holley's tutorial to make sure it had the right clearance so it wasn't pushing the lever too far. Verified the choke is opening fully, it is functioning correctly. Also idled the boat and turned the two idle mixture screws in all the way (following holley's instructions for checking the power valve). Engine died as expected. Does this also rule out vaccum leak? I used the vac guage when setting the carb mix, but don't really know how to check for a leak. I guess spray around base of the carb with starting spray to see if idle goes up? I think there's only one vaccum hose, from base of carb to PCV...

Ignition Possibilities:
Spark plugs - replaced
Spark plug/coil wires
Distributor cap & rotor - cap replaced (what about rotor?)
Timing - confirmed
Distributor advance - if your advance weights don't come back to base timing, or advance too quickly, you will have too much advance causing described problem
I didn't replace the plugs this spring, because they were pretty new and looked good, but I put new ones in today after doing the compression test.. I replaced the plug and coil wires last week.
I got the new distributor cap in the mail today; will put it on tomorrow. The rotor is fairly new, it came with the EI kit I installed last summer.

The advance springs certainly aren't right... One spring looks too big, it looks like it's not the right spring, and doesn't fit right, it is loose. If I pull the weights out, they snap right back, but it seems like only one spring is really doing the work. I've checked the base timing many times, so I think it's coming back OK. Perhaps with only one spring it advancing faster than it should.

I don't know where to get the right springs -- didn't see them at skidim.
Maybe these would work?
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