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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
No offense, but just because things came out ok for you at one time does not mean the correct advice given should be that starting dry is fine. Starting dry is what ruins impellers prematurely, there's really no disputing that. Impellers can go bye bye in as little as a few seconds, it's just not worth a dry start.
No, he's right... at least mostly. Unless the RWP was drained fully (this will not happen over time- only if it was drained or blown out), a "dry start" isnt actually dry- there is some residual water left in it. A quick start without water is NOT going to shred an impeller. Im talking 1-2 seconds... not 30+. I dont trailer regularly, so Im not subjecting the impeller to this practice on a regular basis... but on all the boats I own or work on, I do a quick dry start before heading to the ramp... sure beats monkeying around once you get there. I get 5+ years out of my impellers.
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