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Originally Posted by turbofresh View Post
definitely. huge goal for the kid at a huge moment. fleurys snipe was indeed the first thing that came to mind when i seen nail yaku do his similar looking celly.

im just saying for a young guy early in his chel career it was alot at once, and being a player myself i know the poor sucker will get chirped for it a ton. maybe he couldnt help himself with all the hype, i dont know.

kinda like when rupp did the jagr salute during 12' winter classic. philly wouldnt let that sh*t go and they beaked rupp constantly.

either way though...LA is really nursing that stanleycup hangover
Good point about the chirping. Could be a sh*t storm for the kid. If he did it against the Flames, like Rupp did against the Flyers, it would be a different ball game, no?

What team do you cheer for by the way?
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