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Originally Posted by ski/hunt View Post
If deer wore bikinis then when I'm hunting it would be "a perfect world"!!!

2yourlake---shooting doe's is true hunting in my book!! They are whitetail and have that great nose like any buck--- I think they are even sharper, cause they have to raise young ones and keep themselves out of trouble---bucks only have to worry about themselves...I'd rather eat a doe any day. Some great deer in this thread!! I hope to get one more chance in the woods this season, then it's on to waiting on turkey season!! And what follows spring turkey??? BOATING season!!!!!!! :-)

Dog I don't get it either!! I mean she wasn't that bad!??!??? I mean mike205 must love her!??!?? since he wants to keep her all to himself.....:-)
You sound like me. Last week I was sitting in the stand listening to turkeys gobble at every roll of thunder. Got me excited about next spring.
I haven't gotten a chance at a buck yet this year but between my son and I we've put 3 good does in the freezer.
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