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As someone who does not own his MC yet, I can tell you that I think you all are the real deal. I don't care if its a 2013 X25 or an old Stars and Stripes running past me on the lake, or if I see one being towed down the road, I smile to myself and think "someday soon." I like MC for the quality and versatility. I mean they make exceptional products that range from strict championship skiers to record setting wakeboats, boats that will enable most to ride to the max of their skills in any watersport, to even day yachts now. Really, I don't see how ANY MC owner can be anything less than proud of the heritage they are a part of. I also can't help but think of how MC has done things that people thought were impossible. Look at the 205, which has got to be arguably the most versatile boat to ever hit the water, a hull that basically started the revolution of wakeboarding. Even the so-called "failures" the company have had actually entice me. Look at the Maristar 240. Who would have thought a 24' boat would make a good ski boat and what other manufacturer would have tried it? Then there's my personal favorite the CSX 220. I think it's so cool what MC tried to do with that boat. It almost feels like that boat was made with me in mind, someone who wants to be able to do anything on the water with one boat (ok, maybe not skiing but you get the idea). If it were not for the CSX hull, the world might not have the X25 today.

Bottom line, no matter what your pleasure is, we can all agree that MC is the best at all of them with unparalleled quality. I hope to join your ranks soon.
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